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About Jasmine

"I help other people change their lives."


Jasmine has been organising belongings since she was 9 years old. Reminded of her tendency to move furniture around and sort out cupboards at that tender age, she rekindled that passion to become a professional organiser in Devon in 2013.

She had spent the interim years studying degree level Psychology & Counselling in London, and Change Management at post graduate level in Bristol. She applied these studies to creating efficient processes in a range of public organisations with her warm and respectful approach to change.

A member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK for 7 years and the Devon and Somerset consultant for The Senior Move Partnership, she works actively with a range of public health and welfare agencies, and transports over 1000 sacks of quality donations each year to local charities.

Jasmine's business has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Prima, regional publications such as Devon Life, and she is a regular contributor on BBC Radio Devon.

Independent reviews say how Jasmine can successfully bring about space and order in a diverse range of spaces. Busy people who want to review their storage swiftly, those who are feeling overwhelmed by their belongings, and everyone moving home needs Jasmines pragmatic know-how.

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