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This week I felt as if I had taken a huge leap of faith as I sat in a flat with complete strangers in a unified aim to learn some conversational French. Too often, when camping in France, I have let my husband do the talking as I have lacked both the knowledge and confidence to have a go. What propelled me to start the class was a series of prompts:

  • I want my son to learn some basic French and I would like to guide him in that and lead by example.
  • I tried books and audio books and I know myself well enough to know that I need accountability to really motivate me (see previous blog on the FitBit).
  • We hope to go to France in the spring, so when I saw the classes advertised to take me over the winter, and they are walking distance from my house with a small group, then finally I was out of excuses and had to take the plunge.

I have not considered languages a strength, so I have shied away from any opportunities before. The motivation was there and I could take steps yet stay comfortable. We are not motivated by the stick (the bad things that could happen if we didn’t do something), but the carrot (perceived good outcomes).

I find this regularly with my clients. Some have been adamant they cannot part with any of their belongings. They have been too hard fought for. But finding the small steps for good that they can take has led to amazing results. Whatever the rationale, it has come about by providing a safe and supportive environment and my donation bags at the ready as soon as they feel brave enough to put something in it.

Thank you to all my clients. They are brave and amazing people who have in total donated 600 large sacks of quality items to charity over these few years, and have gained space and clarity. I am simply there to give voice to their motivations, provide easy options for letting items go, and providing a positive relationship where those steps can be celebrated.