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So I have started writing this blog to keep me focused and accountable on the project to gather keepsakes and organise my photos. See June blog for the start, and July for the stage where I went I to the loft.

But, as the summer is a time for detours, have also started two new activities for similar reasons. I joined a local Book Club set up by mum’s from my son’s school, and I started running spurred on by the gift of a FitBit.

What these have in common is that these are activities that I want to do, but I know myself well enough to know I need some accountability to actually make progress.

I have always loved to read but these days I am easily distracted by paperwork or another series on Netflix. I certainly had no staying power if the book was a little different to my tried and tested good reads. The group meets monthly and I feel I must persevere with the book so I can make some comment. They are a relaxed lot, but I still like to imagine they may frown if I didn’t  bother. They keep me going.

My FitBit offers me the same prop up. I like the data and the targets (did I mention I used to be a performance manager and I love a good spreadsheet). I put a sense of obligation into this device and feel I owe it to show I can further or faster this time. It’s sometimes the only thing that makes me get going.

A super read is Gretchin Rubin’s book ‘Better Than Before’ and spells out that we are all different when it comes to habit formation, but that knowing what helps us stick at something is really key.

This accountability mode may work for me but may make you rebel. You may feel over pressurised by the calculating FitBit and so switched off.

These things work for me, and I have realised in working with clients in their home that we all have different motivations and triggers to persevere. Some of it is about having systems and numbers, and some like a warm positive presence. Whatever keeps you going to persevere in something that’s personally important to you, only you really know, and if you don’t, spend time trying to find out.