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  • We are a professional decluttering and home organising service based in Devon.

  • Our respectful and experienced team are able to work with you to gain more out of your existing space.

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We will work with you to declutter and organise.

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What our Customers Say

Jan, Exeter

I originally turned to Jasmine and her team to help me clear out my garage. Jasmine and Rachel are considerate, organized and very hard-working. They are a pleasure to work with. One senses that they are more interested in the people they are dealing with than in the things they are disposing of, and they seemed to be as excited as I was to discover long-lost treasures. They work efficiently, stowing things away in their categories and inventing clever ways of storing oddments to create order out of chaos. I warmly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their accumulated belongings.

Jenny, Lympstone

The team helped me tackle a house full of stuff – their empathy and professionalism (coupled with good humour) has resulted in my feeling calm in my home for the first time in years. Simple tips, beautifully labelled storage and taking dozens of bags to charity have transformed my living space and hugely reduced my stress.

Dan, Exmouth

We had two jam-packed and quite overwhelming spaces that Jasmine helped us to sort out. Jasmine systematically sorted through it all and allowed us to finally either get rid of all the things we no longer needed, or to find places to live for everything we wanted to keep.

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