Why Change Your Space?

Change Your Space is a positive and pragmatic organising service covering a 35 mile radius from Exmouth, Devon.

I work with you to meet your aims to maximise the space and order in your home or office.

I have improved over 100 homes and offices . So whether you are moving, wanting to make the most of your existing property, or creating an office, Change Your Space can practically assist you to achieve those goals.

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What is Change Your Space?

Latest Press

Keeping organised with children

May 27, 2016

KEEPING ORGANISED WITH CHILDREN – GUEST BLOG Jasmine Sleigh’s top tips for “keeping organised with the joyous chaos that children bring.” 1. Review and rotate…

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Getting Set for Moving

May 24, 2016

Devon based professional organiser, Jasmine Sleigh from Change Your Space tells us the four major reasons to start sorting your cupboards several months ahead of move…

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