What we do

We are a professional decluttering and home organising service based in Devon

We are invited into people’s homes to help them declutter, categorise and organise. We create bespoke solutions that help you to rediscover your home as a sanctuary or prepare for a move.

We often unearth forgotten treasures and precious memories in the process! 

Why use our service….

  • We have ten years of experience assisting over a thousand people in their homes 
  • We are Members of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK (APDO)
  • We are fully insured for handling belongings, and registered with the Information Commission to keep your data safe
  • We have a small, trained, dedicated team focused on delivering the outcome just for you

What we will do…

  • Create a realistic, personalised plan with you to meet your aims in your home
  • Treat you and your belongings with respect and care
  • Review your existing storage to maximise its use and identify storage options that may make life easier
  • Declutter and organise, ensuring you stay in control of the process
  • Transport unwanted items to charity
  • Provide confidential disposal for paperwork
  • Liaise with furniture collection and waste disposal services where required

Who we are…

More about Jasmine…

I established Change Your Space in 2013. I have worked in over a thousand homes. I hold a degree in Psychology & Counselling and a post graduate certificate in Change Management. 

I’m a regional expert for addressing chronic disorganisation and hoarding and work actively with public health and welfare agencies. I regularly contribute to BBC Radio Devon and am proud that the service transports over 1000 sacks of quality donations each year to local charities. You will find me a pragmatic and empathic person and my aim is always that your home will be a safe sanctuary.

It will always be myself that you speak to when you contact the service, and I conduct all initial sessions. I oversee the team and all client enquiries.

I recently wrote a book titled Being Owned: A Decade in Professional Decluttering. The title of the book hints that all too often, instead of us owning our stuff, we are being owned by it, surely an unhealthy switch in the balance of power. We need to restore that relationship to one in which we are back in control…

The book presents case studies of real-life choices that clients have had to make about their homes. The book touches on hoarding, compulsive shopping, bereavement, trauma, neuro-divergence, and change from the perspective of the relationship the individual has with a professional declutterer.

If you are considering employing our services, the book can provide a great insight into how we work and the relationships we form with our clients.  You can find out more here.

If you are ready to set up your no obligation 45-minute telephone, Facetime or Zoom call, please contact me by emailing jasmine@changeyourspace.co.uk. This will allow us to discuss your project and the best course of action. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch