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Thank you for your help and being so gentle with me. It definitely has inspired me to push on, and shown me that our home doesn't have to be totally minimalist to be calm. You encouraged us not to lose who we are, but that we can still create a happy space. Thanks again, you were wonderfully supportive.

- Mrs H, Crediton

"Cloud Nine"

I'm on Cloud Nine that my clothes and kitchen are sorted and have no regrets with what I decluttered. I am keen to start on my filing now. My bedroom feels more calm and settled now, so I reckon with that and the day's efforts I should sleep very well tonight! Many thanks again Jasmine, you are an absolute star.

- Ms T, Ilfracombe


I was thrilled about how much you got done and I love the office, I keep walking in there to see how tidy it is! You did a fantastic job today Jasmine thank you so much.

- Mrs P, Burnham-on-Sea

"Inspired to Change My Space"

I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours with Jasmine from Change your Space. She has got a great way of helping you see the way through the chaos in your home. We spent some time discussing the possibilities for several areas in my house. It really helps to do this with someone neutral so you don’t get into heated discussions about who is responsible for any mess or clutter!

I enjoyed having the chance to brainstorm with her, and would like to enlist her services further down the line when I get down to the finer detail. Whereas before I simply didn’t know where to start, Jasmine has helped me to work out a plan as to which areas to tackle first and I now feel totally inspired to Change my Space.

- Ms C, Exmouth

"Giving the Gift of Space"

Big Thanks to Jasmine at Change Your Space. Our charity recently moved to another office but found ourselves faced with a storage nightmare as we had squeezed two offices into one. Jasmine was fabulous she donated her time and came in, helped us sort out what we needed, no longer needed and made better use of the space to store our office bits and pieces. She completely inspired staff who sorted out their own office areas creating more room and order in their work spaces. Can’t thank you enough Jasmine!

- CEO, Safe Services

"Market Ready"

I employed Jasmine to work with me to make my home “market ready” for a tight deadline. She was utterly reliable; bionic at loft work; very focused and never pushy to throw out things which I may well want in my new home. We stowed things very neatly away and really sensibly; Jasmine works fast and does exactly as agreed; she is very neat in boxing up and using vacuum bags for bedding and clothing and tucking it into small discreet spaces.  

My home looks beautiful on the photographs and I have an interested buyer.  Thanks to Jasmine’s efficiency and sensitivity it was not a misery at all, her support motivated and helped me so much. I very highly recommend Jasmine to my friends and to you.

- Ms T, Kentisbeare

"Teenage Review"

Thank you very much for helping us. My boys can see their carpet and they use the space to store their things in, my son can now have a room.  Jasmine is a really nice lady and doesn't force you to throw things away. I would recommend Jasmine at Change Your Space to friends.

- Mrs D, Tiverton

"Digging into the drawers"

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to tackle my (very) long standing clutter! So, to anyone else thinking about using your service - do it! Having you on hand with me to help work through it was great, it meant the job I've been meaning to do for all these years got done at last and I feel so much better.

A friendly and sensitive approach, working on it together was brilliant and you found things I thought I'd long since lost, so thank you so much.

- Mrs K, Weston-super-Mare

"Creating a Studio Space"

Jasmine was extremely professional, well organised and efficient as well as sensitive and understanding of my needs. I had become overwhelmed by the task at hand and she steered me through the whole process with good humour and positive energy. She even took rubbish and other stuff away so I didn't have to deal with it.

At first I wasn't sure how it would be to have a stranger help sort out my personal space but actually it was much less embarrassing than getting a friend to help as Jasmine is bound by a code of confidentiality and she put me totally at ease. I would highly recommend her and the service she offers.

- Mrs G in Ashburton

"It's a Dog's Life!"

A BIG THANK YOU. You worked wonders and now in my pantry everything has a home! It encouraged me to clear stuff under the sofa, and I keep looking at the before and after photos you sent me which are amazing. My dog now has space on the floor to roll about after he's had his food - something I have deprived him of doing. Thank you.

- Ms P from Okehampton

"Bedroom reclaim in Lympstone"

I love my bedroom - thank you Jasmine, I really appreciate all your hard work. We did a car boot sale and made a good profit, it was a lot of fun! Hoping to implement what you taught me in the rest of the house soon.

"Storage solution in Exeter"

I am so grateful to Jasmine of Change Your Space for her help with my storage containers. Even though I had some idea of the job in hand it was still a daunting prospect and it was wonderful to have someone with me to guide and support.

We managed to halve the amount of items I have in store, which was our objective. I never felt that I was being unnecessary or a nuisance for feeling sometimes attached to my material possessions. I would recommend Jasmine to anyone who may need a little bit of moral support to get some order and perspective in their lives!

"Paperwork Mountain"

You gave me a hand in clearing the large mass of files and papers I have at home, I am now very pleased that I asked you to help me to file or shred or simply discard papers according to their importance. Getting through those first 4 feet of piles of loose paper was essential. It gave me the impetus to go to the next stage on my own and look through all the files in our loft and get rid of the contents of at least half of those.

The time you spent helping me to make a start was the essential "nudge" to get me working on the problem. I can now see my way out of the mess I was getting into. For anyone needing to face up to a mammoth clearance of any sort, I can recommend having some energetic help from you.

- Mr W, Exmouth

"Sorting keepsakes"

Jasmine came round to my house to help me sort through several boxes of letters cards and other sentimental items. Jasmine suggested a really good way of ordering the items and collated them as I sorted, making the whole thing a quicker and more pleasant task.

At then end I felt like I could find things again. Jasmine's cheery and encouraging temperament was just what was needed otherwise I may just have given up.

- Mrs S, Exeter

"Taming the home office"

Thank you so much for helping me sort out my office space from the dining room we have two defined area and my office is not 'encroaching' on my private space any more. You were so kind in the way you addressed my son with how he could think about what he wanted to do with the toys he had in some of the cupboards that could be 're-cycled' or he could keep.

Also, he was so happy to find a toy that he hadn't played with for some time and he is at this moment in the garden with a friend playing with the bats and ball. It was a really great experience which I look forward to doing again when you come back to sort out my parlour. I just want to start on the rest of the house now! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me find some peace amongst the madness.

- Mrs T, Ilminster

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