What Our Customers Say

We are thankful to have received a number of independent reviews from our customers.

What our Customers Say

A., Lympstone

Our household includes ADHD, Autism, OCD traits and complex PTSD. Where other organisations have triggered and compounded issues, Change  Your Space do not. Sensitive and respectful, they offer you choices about your ‘belongings’ and how to ‘make space’. They have given me insights I did not expect and their involvement has been life changing. Worth every penny.

Jenny, Lympstone

The team helped me tackle a house full of stuff – their empathy and professionalism (coupled with good humour) has resulted in my feeling calm in my home for the first time in years. Simple tips, beautifully labelled storage and taking dozens of bags to charity have transformed my living space and hugely reduced my stress.

Anna, Exmouth

I can’t tell you how great it is when you find a team of big hearted, hard working professionals. I’ve known the Change Your Space team for over 6 years now and they really are wonderful. If you’re hesitating, please don’t, you really will not regret contacting them.

Jenna, Exeter

From start to finish, Jasmine’s professionalism, empathy, and meticulous attention to detail were evident, making a daunting task feel manageable. One of the most significant challenges I faced was organising sentimental items belonging to a loved one who had passed away. These items were not just things but precious memories, and the thought of sorting through them was overwhelming. Jasmine approached this delicate task with incredible sensitivity and respect. Jasmine’s expertise extended beyond sentimental items. She offered practical solutions for decluttering and organising other areas of my home, tailoring her services to my specific needs. Her attention to detail and commitment to creating a functional and harmonious living space were truly impressive.

Elizabeth, Higher Ashton

I cannot recommend Change your Space enough. They helped me prepare for a house move. Jasmine had arranged every detail – from waste collection to boxes to moving van. I didn’t have to think of anything other than sorting and deciding what to take with me. Her colleague Rachel also worked alongside us – packing and sorting. We completed the project in a day, which was amazing. They are consummate professionals and never judgemental. They help work through difficult decisions and make everything easy. I could not have done it without them.

Ursula, Dunsford

Jasmine and Rachel were wonderful! They made the whole decluttering process smooth, efficient and painless. I was so pleased by the work they did in the house that I booked them to declutter my garage. I didn’t have high hopes, as it was packed, but by the afternoon l had a clean, usable space again, and they organised someone to collect the larger items and the rubbish for the dump. I would unreservedly recommend them. They are a pleasure to work with and do a cracking job!

Paul, Honiton

Needed help decluttering my home for putting on the market. Had a lot of things to go through. Jasmine and Rachel were a massive help to me and came up with some ideas I hadn’t thought of. Thought with all the stuff I had would take forever to do but with Jasmine and Rachel’s help done in a day. Very professional and pleasant people who are sensitive to your needs and only get rid of what you want to get rid of. Would highly recommend to anyone decluttering.

Jen, Exeter

Jasmine is fantastic in this role. After an initial consultation, she shared a vision for moving forward. We completed two sessions in which she worked very hard, with focus and sensitivity. Our house was much more spacious and workable after the support from Jasmine. I highly recommend Jasmine for assistance in sorting and organising your space.

Ellen, Exmouth

Jasmine and her team have been absolutely brilliant helping me work through sorting out our whole house prior to renovations. With two small children, I find big tasks like this really daunting with never enough time to finish the job. But with Change your space, the whole experience was great, everything has it’s place and the clutter has gone. All our possessions were handled with care and Jasmine and the team were all very friendly and professional. They work incredibly hard, very efficiently and have brilliant ideas with how to organise things. I cannot recommend this service enough, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and keeping the house organised and tidy is now so much easier . Thank

Beryl, Exmouth

Jasmine and Rachel were very thorough and helped to sort through everything that had been stored since my husband died which was done with care and thoughtfulness….

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