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Experienced at helping those who need it.


How we can help

The Change Your Space team has over 6 years experience working in homes that have limited everyday functionality. We have worked successfully to make homes safe where belongings have been stockpiled or hoarded. We pride ourselves on being respectful and positive working with those with mental health issues to ensure they gain home comforts.

An on-site consultation can be arranged by the referral organisation or individual to clarify the aims, build trust, come up with a practical plan of action for the team, and ascertain any key risks.

We arrange appointments that flexibly suit the householder and adjust accordingly to their needs. We remind the client of their appointments by text, call and letter where appropriate. We are often on hand for client queries out of standard hours.

We use our expertise to find bespoke ways to work with the householder that will gain the best results. The householder is reassured that nothing goes out of their home without their express permission. The trust is vital on this matter and sets us apart from clearance. We can take away charitable donations and will come up with a suitable waste disposal option within our allocated budget.

Our aims are always focused on safety, space, and access. We allow people to sleep in their beds, have access to their kitchens again and be able to move around safely. We create space and are not a deep clean service, but we turn our hands to most things to assist the householder to gain a result that works for them and the funding organisation.

We also offer training for organisations of how to approach overwhelm, hoarding and chronic disorganisation in a positive, respectful way.

About the Hoarding Handbook

A workbook that focuses on where the stockpiling of items has started to majorly compromise the basic functions of the home.

This document is aimed at family members, friends and professionals working with those that have hoarded. But it is also aimed at those that have found themselves living in dangerously full homes and want to know more about the approach that Change your Space adopt to pragmatically and sensitively address hoarding.


  • Understanding hoarding behaviour
  • The scale of the challenge
  • What we see in a Full House
  • What the householder reports
  • The approach by Change Your Space
  • How sessions are structured
  • Case examples

The handbook is a PDF download.

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